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Sepahan Roooyesh has always sought to provide quality and affordable inputs. Establishing a balance between quality and price is like walking on a narrow edge that requires a lot of effort. With the representation of some of the most reliable producers of agricultural inputs in the world, Sepahan Roish continuously seeks to find new ways to create value for its customers.

Rijk Zwaan’s achievements

Rijk Zwaan has a century of experience in the field of vegetable breeding and seed production. The company has grown from a vegetable seed retailer in Rotterdam, Holland in 1924, to one of the world’s leading producers of successful seed varieties today. Rekzovan is a completely independent family company whose shares are owned by three families and its employees. This independence has caused high flexibility in innovation and freedom in creating the concept of the Rokzovan brand. Rekzovan has more than 1500 varieties of seeds for 28 types of vegetables in more than 100 countries of the world;

But it is not only the seeds that it offers to its customers, Rakzovan stands out from others in providing unique services. Rijk Zwaan is developing rapidly. Based on organizational culture, advanced research and development techniques and long-term business cooperation, Rijk Zwaan is ready to play its role in a healthy future for everyone. Since 1373, Sepahan Rooyesh has introduced the name of Rijk Zwaan to the Iranian market as a synonym of high quality and distinctive services.

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