The first colored pepper program of Tiran and Karvan City

25 years ago, Sepahan Rooyesh imported the first varieties of colored block pepper from Rokzovan company to Iran. In those days, on the one hand, there was no familiarity with the production method of this product in the greenhouse, and on the other hand, the market did not know tricolor pepper at all. As a result, the Dutch expert of Rekzovan traveled to Iran 5 times a year for cultivation training. Also, from that time until now, Sepahan Roish company has worked with the leading producers of greenhouse pepper in familiarizing the market and creating an export market. Now the added value of colored pepper for the country’s greenhouses has reached tens of millions of dollars.
Today, Sepahan Roish has made the basis of its work by introducing varieties with the best performance, resistance and fruit quality, raising the position of Iranian products in each target market. Also, Sepahan Roish, with its knowledge and new solutions in the field of nutrition management and plant protection, seeks the success of the farmer in more and healthier production.