Corporate social responsibility

As a supplier of agricultural inputs, Sepahan Roish considers himself responsible to the society, not because it sounds nice, but because it gives meaning to his activities; And in colloquial language, because doing things becomes easier and more pleasant. Sepahan Roish defines this responsibility in providing sufficient and healthy food, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of resources, and preserving the environment.
Population growth increases the need for food. In addition to sufficient production of agricultural products, food security is also related to obtaining an acceptable amount of nutrients in the plant, and its freedom from toxic substances. Sepahan Roish has defined its role in increasing agricultural productivity by providing quality inputs and providing first-hand agricultural knowledge.

Human interventions in the process of nature are a threat to the environment. Changing land use, not paying attention to the potentials or threats of cultivation in an area, carrying out activities that lead to the production of dangerous gases, excessive and incorrect consumption of chemicals in agricultural lands are examples of these interventions. It should be noted that the environment is beyond the livelihood of a society and a generation and must be preserved for future generations. Sepahan Roish has defined its role in protecting the environment as an all-out effort to increase performance per unit area, branding cultivation areas and improving production to consumption processes.